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We offer custom herbal formulas prepared by a licensed Herbalist. Please let your Herbalist know if you are taking any pharmaceuticals so they can make safe adjustments to avoid interactions. Herbal Formulas work when the diagnosis is correct.

Whether it is to promote sleep, regulate hormones, decrease pain, increase circulation and energy, decrease menopausal symptoms, increase libido, stabilize emotions, increase metabolism, regulate bowel movements, make the skin and hair beautiful, or whatever the desire, there is a formula to help! Over thousands of years, the Chinese Herbalists created classical formulas that have stood the test of time for their efficacy in treating common pathologies.

Herbs are not Western Pharmaceuticals; most formulas do not cause immediate actions in the body. Instead, they build up over a few days to replace the nutrients that became deficient over time. This helps bring the body back to health at a safer speed, not throwing the body into a chemical onslaught. However, a few herbs are very strong in their effects so it is important to tell your herbalist every pharmaceutical taken in the last 10 days so there are no negative interactions. For the most part, herbal formulas have no side effects and are extremely safe to take. Some herbs we even cook with - like ginger, mint, turmeric, scallions, and cinnamon. Herbs are the most natural way to feed the body the proper nutrients so that it may heal itself safely, with non-addictive qualities. Tonic herbs can generally be taken daily when trying to promote longevity and decrease the signs of aging.

In Chinese Medicine, disease patterns have different causes. For example, insomnia itself is not the diagnosis. The pattern that causes the insomnia must match to the proper insomnia formula.  It is important not to try and diagnose yourself, you will often have no results and can possibly increase present symptoms or create new ones.  Our Herbalists are heavily trained in Chinese Medicinal Herbs and are aware of pharmaceutical interactions; another reason to seek guidance from a licensed Herbalist.