What patients are saying:

“Kyle is phenomenal. He diagnosed what no doctor was able to and cured it. I am no longer on any medication whatsoever and am in great health, thanks to Kyle. Moreover, I’m very needle-phobic and he is extremely gentle. I recommend him without reservation.”- Judy F

“When I was younger, I was in professional sports and suffered a back injury; my knees were worn out as well.I personally experienced the helplessness of modern medicine in treating sports injuries, which do not require a surgical procedure, but nonetheless, cause a lot of pain and seriously harm the quality of life.  Esther combined acupuncture with heat, an electric procedures to treat my traumatized joints, and the results were quick to follow.  Before Esther, I used ointments and took pills for the pain, but those only helped for several hours. The improvement in my condition after Esther’s treatments was almost miraculous - after years of suffering, it took her 4 treatments for me to almost forget that the pain was there for so long. With Esther’s help, I learned that acupuncture, unlike various painkillers, treats the problem and not its symptoms, thus preventing from the problem from reoccurring.  I have been Esther’s patient for years – she has been treating me for almost any medical problem, and not only me; a big part of my family members (except those who refuse to accept any “alternative” medicine) became Esther’s patients over the years." - Yael Falko, Writer

"I originally went to Kyle for allergy and sinus issues. I have been on prescription allergy meds for long as I can remember and have now been off of them for 4 months! I now use acupuncture for meditative purposes, digestion, tension and muscle aches too. Under Kyle's guidance, I changed my diet and take chinese herbs for complete overall health-it has changed my life- I even lost weight in the process! I highly recommend Kyle to anyone looking into alternative medicine- he is incredible!" -Clarissa B

"After giving birth, about a year ago, I suffered from hemorrhoids and a strong pain from the stiches. The pain seriously limited my movements and my ability to take care of my newborn baby girl.Esther treated me with acupuncture and recommended additional treatment. After the first treatment, I already felt a great improvement in my mobility and the pain weekened. After a few more treatments, the problem disappeared completely. Esther also treats both my children with acupuncture for any viral disease, stomachaches and fever.The great advantage of her treatment is that you can see a significant improvement right away, and it doesn’t take dozens of treatments to feel better. Esther is very professional, nice and empathic and I gladly recommend her to all my friends" - A.S. Actress/Producer

“I woke up one day with pain in my ankle so much so that it felt like a sprained ankle and I could barely walk. I was very skeptical but Kyle Burton made me a believer as a day later after his acupuncture treatment the pain was gone and it was like nothing ever happened. Kyle is great and out of 5 Stars I would give him 20!!!” -Frank D

"Cosmetic acupuncture is an innovative and holistic avenue to improve the signs of aging on the skin, whether these result from genetics, stress, over-exposure to sun, or simply aging. The treatments work on the entire body; this experience provided an enormous relief, releasing tension, balancing the hormonal system and calming the nerves. The nights following treatment were blessed with deep uninterrupted sleep. Facial acupuncture is something that one needs to adapt to. I found it non-invasive because it provides gradual results as opposed to more radical and sometimes irreversible changes provided by Botox treatments or face lifts, which sometimes have a negative effect, both aestheticallyand on the psyche.  I personally would feel terrified to transform my face overnight. The treatments bring blood to the face and are meant to enhance the production collagen within three or four months of treatment. Exercise and face yoga used as a complement to the treatments seems to accelerate the results"  - G.K., Yoga Instructor

“Kyle Burton is the most skilled and best acupuncturist in the city. He has fixed numerous problems I’ve had with acupuncture and energy healing - including sinus issues, digestion and lower back pain. I could not recommend him highly enough!” -John K

“They have an Acupuncturist named Kyle Burton working for them, and he is incredible! I would highly encourage anyone to use Acupuncture as an alternative to modern medicine but, make sure you go to Kyle. I am petrified of needles and “the process” but, with him, my fear went away! He is a wonderful person as well- he’s not only smart and articulate, he is a genuine pleasure to be around. If you need some Acupuncture…he’s your man!” -Kristin S

 “I have been a patient of Kyle Burton for 5 years. He is a gentle, caring person who bridges acupuncture, massage, and energy work into his business. I have had much success in helping anything from the general cold, to headaches, to digestive issues, to tendonitis. He is thoroughly knowledgeable in his field, and offers a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in his office. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to him.” -Andrew H

“Kyle Burton is the best acupuncturist I’ve worked with in Los Angeles and I refer all of my clients to him.” -Laurie S from YogaandFitnessToGo.com

“Kyle cures everything that ails me, from back pain to illness. I call him before any western doctor and within 24 hours I’m better. He’s amazing, talented, intuitive and an angel to be in the presence of. He is wise beyond his years and I’m blessed to know him.” -Cindy R

“After seeing Kyle once you feel like you have known him forever. He is wonderfully intuitive and helpful to ease your nerves and make you feel better.” -Jen M

“I have been getting treatments with Kyle for about over a year now and words cannot explain how great and energized I have been since working with him. He is by far the best of the best. THNAKS A MILLION KYLE!” -Porfirio C

“Kyle Burton is the most AMAZING acupuncturist. I have been seeing Kyle for several months now and am feeling so much better in so many ways. I have tried a couple acupuncturists, and his sensitive, intuitive abilities are incomparable. He creates a very safe and sensitive environment where I know I can tell him ANYTHING that is going on with me that could be affecting my health. He has worked on everything from childhood sexual trauma to boosting my immune system and getting my energy to flow better to get a tremor under control. Kyle is also highly skilled with the ancient art of “cupping” and has great diagnostic abilities for Chinese herb supplements. I highly recommend Kyle, especially if it’s your first time or if you have issues with needles. If you want to take responsibility for your own health, this is the place to do it!” -Mark L

“Hands down I vote for Kyle Burton as the best acupuncturist in L.A., for many reasons. One of the best reasons is that his technique not only embraces his knowledge of acupuncture but reveals his gift for healing. His approach is gentle but yields far more than just an acupuncture session. Thank you Kyle for your healing” -Rose C