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 We’ve been helping patients in West Hollywood since 2006! In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we aim to find the root of the problem instead of a Band-Aid approach.  When we look at the body as a whole- along with the mind body connection, we know the internal organs and the muscular-skeletal systems work together, and generally what you thought were “random” symptoms, actually fit into common patterns. We also can tell A LOT about your health by looking at your tongue and reading your pulse on both wrists.  The energy of the pulse at different positions and levels, along with shape of the pulse, can often tell us more about your health than you can! We also can read or order lab work, we work alongside Modern Medicine, and lab work can further our understanding of your health.  We can also write customized herbal formulas and alter them for any medications you may be taking. Acupuncture can be different for everyone, and we aim to make sure your experience is comfortable and educational! We can offer nutritional and dietary modifications as several diseases start in the gut. We also excel at pain. We have several different approaches to pain and even have herbal treatments for muscle spasms and nerve pain. We are trained in orthopedics so we can often diagnose you with simple testing. I’ve seen several patients misdiagnosed by their primary care physician. Not all physicians are bad of course, but sometimes you need a second opinion. And like Western doctors, if you’ve tried acupuncture before and didn’t have a good experience, come to us for a second evaluation and treatment. 
 Our goal is return you to your optimal health – whatever that may as each of our patients are unique, and we treat them accordingly. 
 If you are debating acupuncture, I encourage you book an appointment. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised in how much we can help! Thank you for your time! 

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