Best Chinese Herbs for Heart Health

Best Chinese Herbs for Heart Health

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The human heart is a primary organ needed to facilitate life. This fact is a fundamental principle understood in the medical world of cultures globally, including in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). People need to prioritize the health and care of their hearts to live a whole life and function effectively within the world. TCM has been utilized for many thousands of years to help treat illnesses and support the functions of various organs throughout the body, especially the heart. 

While many people today choose to rely on more westernized medicine, there is an increasing amount of evidence supporting the effectiveness of many herbs and treatments used in TCM. Please continue reading to learn about some of the best Chinese herbs you can utilize to help promote the proper functioning of your heart. Also, consider reading through more of our educational articles at Original Breath for additional information.

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The Heart According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM considers the heart a primary component of the body’s overall health and functioning. Ancient Chinese texts frequently refer to the heart as “the emperor of the human body,” as well as “the ruler of the five organ networks.” It’s classified as a zang, or yin organ, alongside the lungs, kidney, liver, and spleen, which are critical for storing and regulating vital bodily substances, including blood and qi, a vital force or energy within all living entities. 

The heart connects to many other organs and systems, and their relationships must remain in balance to promote optimal health. According to TCM, this balance and its subsequent health benefits are achieved through many practices, including healthy physical activity, a healthy diet, getting quality sleep, reducing stress, avoiding problematic activities like smoking, and utilizing a range of helpful herbs.

The Best TCM Herbs for Heart Health

Along with the above practices, several herbs have been identified to help promote the healthy functioning of the heart in TCM. While we could discuss dozens of different herbs in great detail as part of this article, below is a brief list of five of the best, most commonly used Chinese herbs to promote quality heart health. Please consider incorporating them into your diet and daily routine to see the health benefits they can produce for you.

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Astragalus Root (Huang Qi)

Astragalus root, also called Huang Qi, has been utilized in TCM for thousands of years to help treat many ailments and provide a range of essential health benefits. TCM experts have claimed that it can help protect people against the effects of heart disease while also lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure. 

Red sage (Danshen)

Red sage, also known as Salvia miltiorrhiza, or Danshen, has been used for centuries in TCM to treat a vast range of medical concerns, particularly heart-related problems like heart attacks, myocarditis, and angina. Several studies have also shown that red sage may help relieve chest pains related to certain heart conditions, though it should not be relied upon solely, and more research is needed to understand its full effects.

Cinnamon (Rou Gui)

Cinnamon, or Rou Gui, has been long used in TCM practices along with all other herbs included on this list for its numerous medicinal properties. Evidence has shown that it may help lower blood pressure while reducing people’s risk of developing heart disease by improving cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Cinnamon can be utilized in various ways, such as by stirring it into your regular morning beverage or by sprinkling it on top of some of your favorite dishes. It can also be consumed easily in supplement form.

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Ginger (Sheng Jiang)

Ginger, also referred to as Sheng Jiang in TCM, is often considered an herb, spice, and vegetable, depending on its usage. Still, we thought it would be a good idea to include it on this list for the fantastic heart benefits it’s been shown to provide many users. Ginger in teas and foods- or when taken as a supplement- has demonstrated several heart health benefits by lowering hypertension and cholesterol. These factors have made it potentially helpful in reducing the risk of various heart conditions, including heart attacks.

Turmeric (Jiang Huang)

Turmeric, or Jiang Huang, is often utilized in TCM as a type of herbal medicine to treat many ailments. Evidence has shown that it may help reverse the steps present in the development of heart disease by improving blood vessel functioning to better regulate blood pressure and reduce potential instances of clotting. Additional research has also shown that its presence in foods may help reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the body while minimizing the number of heart attacks experienced by bypass patients after surgery.

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Final Thoughts and Considerations: What Original Breath Can do For You

Incorporating these Chinese herbs into your regular diet can be a highly beneficial way to help support the functioning of your heart, whether you add them to your foods, beverages or consume them in the form of daily supplements. Each one is worth considering, but please remember to consult your doctor and receive their opinion before adding any to your diet, as some people may not react well to them depending on their preexisting conditions. And if you’d like to help support your heart’s health even further, please also consider investing in some of the top-quality cardiovascular supplements provided by our trusted medical experts here at Original Breath.

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