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Custom Herbal Formulas Made Just For You

Herbs have been used effectively and safely for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean all herbs are safe. There are several hundreds of hours of education involved to be a licensed herbalist as natural herbs can be as effective and as dangerous as a pharmaceutical when not properly formulated. Did you know Turmeric thins the blood? It also binds to iron in the stomach which may lead to anemia. Your organic grocer may not have know that either.

After your health intake and pulse/tongue examination, a diagnosis is established to help create a custom herbal formula. One formula can generally support a variety of health imbalances you may be experiencing. Instead of taking multiple supplements or single herbs, a custom formula takes into consideration your unique presentation.

Difficulty falling asleep is a different formula then difficulty staying asleep! And what if it is both? Come in and meet our herbalist to get a better understanding of natural herbs and how to best use them for you - not the general store customer.