Our Staff

Our Staff

Daniel Banks L.Ac

Today’s healthcare industry often creates an environment where patients feel voiceless. Daniel Banks’ practice of holistic medicine augments Western science with traditional and modern techniques of Eastern medicine, bodywork, and self-awareness, providing patients a framework for collaborative healing. Over the course of his 15 years as a bodyworker, Daniel developed a unique understanding of how patients’ life experiences can manifest as discomfort and pain. Seeing their pain, and seeking to address the diversity of each of his clients’ needs, he was inspired to earn a graduate degree in Chinese Medicine from Emperor’s College, recognized as the #1 acupuncture school in California. Aided by this academic background, Daniel has the sensitivities of heart, mind, and soul that allow him to offer attentive and responsive care to his patients. 

Daniel’s life-experiences and education give him a multidisciplinary toolbox to help his patients move beyond their injuries, traumas, and limitations to uncover the root causes of their pain. His skill set features many modalities, including: acupuncture, Chinese herbology, cupping, gua sha, deep tissue, trigger-point therapy, electro-stimulation, reiki, aromatherapy, guided meditation, and sound healing. Most importantly to him, however, are the ways in which these are integrated via attention to detail, good listening skills, kindness, and compassion; allowing him to discern the best possible treatment plan to meet the particular needs of each patient. Born and raised in Greater LA, Daniel comes from a working class family. In his personal life, Daniel enjoys hiking local trails, cooking Thai food, reading self-development books, and practices a self-care regimen of running, lifting weights, Hatha yoga, meditation, and the ancient moving meditation practice of Qi Gong.

Loren Stiteler, L.Ac.

Loren Stiteler is a 2nd generation licensed acupuncturist, Chinese medicine physician, researcher, and educator. Having studied in and traveled extensively throughout China, Loren uses his command of Mandrin, Chinese to research ancient medical texts which he uses to supplement and innovate his practice. As such, Loren is an uniquely skilled physician. As an accomplished herbalist, he utilizes literally hundreds of medicinal substances to compound individualized herbal prescriptions. And by combining these with acupuncture and bodywork, he devises comprehensive treatment strategies unique to each patient. Furthermore, Loren’s expertise and passion have led him to return to his alma mater.

He is currently an instructor at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine where he teaches a wide array of subjects ranging from diagnostic methods to Daoist philosophy. Loren is also a devoted Tai Chi practitioner training upwards of 2-3 hours every day. The physician whom medical doctors and other acupuncturists choose for their care, Loren boasts a highly sophisticated and uniquely effective medical practice. 會說普通話. Hablo español.

Chiquis Rivera acupuncture

Kyle Burton, DAOM, L.Ac.

Dr. Kyle Burton, DAOM, LAC opened Original Breath in 2006 after completing his internships at the UCLA Arthur Ashe Medical Center and Los Angeles Free Clinic. Not only did he graduate his Master’s Program in TCM with High Honors, he was voted valedictorian in both his Master’s and Doctorate Degree amongst his peers. He independently visited acupuncture hospitals and clinics in numerous regions in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. During his program he studied Qi Gong for three years with a Taiwanese Master and lead the US Team in the International Martial Arts Championship in Taiwan in 2007.

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