SIBO Protocol

There are three phases with different products. For the best results, please follow the FODMAP Diet while taking the supplements and herbs. If you have other non-digestive symptoms such as skin conditions, chronic sinusitis or weak immunity, swelling, or weight gain you should follow the Leaky Gut Protocol.

If you need guidance or have questions, schedule a telehealth

First Phase: Kill Phase

Gut Clear should be taken as the primary formula.

*Choose one Secondary Product if severe case or secondary complaints.

Gut Bug if Parasites. CandEx if Candida/Yeast. Microbia X2 if severe SIBO with Biofilms

Take Gut Clear and Secondary formula at the same time.

Follow First Phase of FODMAP Diet

Secondary: Restore Phase

DysBio to continue to help balance the microbiome

Glutagenics helps repair the intestinal lining that can be inflamed from SIBO.

It contains glutamine, deglycyrrhizinated licorice, and aloe gel.

Transition to Second Phase of FODMAP

Third Phase: Maintain Phase

Maintain a healthy bacterial imbalance by introducing fermented foods or a Probiotic

You can continue to take Dysbio to help maintain bacterial balance or after taking an antibiotic.

It’s important to know how you developed SIBO to possibly prevent it again.

After taking antibiotics, take Dysbio for 7-10 days after.

Low acid or enzymes can make food rot in the intestines. You can take Enzymes or HCL acid (Zypan) with meals to help break down the food for better absorption. I encourage you to read the Indigestion Blog to understand how too much and too little acid have the same symptoms.

Ultra Flora Control is a probiotic blend to help weight loss.

Ultra Flora Immune Booster is a probiotic to support the immune system and can help with allergies and sinusitis.

Hormonal changes such as menopause (see Balance Spring) or men’s fertility (see Vital Essence)

Constipation or slow transit time can cause fermentation. Herbalite can increase metabolism and transit time.

Food allergies can cause inflammation leading to Leaky Gut and/or SIBO. We suggest a food allergy test that we can order through the clinic. Please email us for more details.

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