The Best Chinese Herbs for Fertility Success

The Best Chinese Herbs for Fertility Success

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Trying to start a family can be an all at once rewarding and highly frustrating experience, especially if you have to contend with fertility issues and long periods of failure in your efforts to conceive a child. While there is a wide range of pharmaceuticals, procedures, and other methods that can be utilized to help increase your chances at fertility success, many people can’t afford them or would prefer to rely on more natural approaches to achieving conception. 

Thankfully, traditional Chinese medicine features a range of specific herbs and herbal formulas that have been used for millennia to help women enhance their fertility, and they are still being used by many around the globe today. Please continue to learn more about the best Chinese herbs you can use for enhanced fertility, and consider reaching out to the trusted experts at Original Breath to learn how they can help.

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How Do Chinese Herbs Help Fertility?

When utilizing Chinese herbs for any medical reason, including to increase your chances of fertility success, it’s essential to understand that you’re likely to find the most benefits when using a specialized formula combining several herbs rather than relying on individual ones. There isn’t a single golden herb that’s going to be the sure-fire key in helping you conceive a child, after all. 

Instead, enhanced fertility success typically comes from relying on targeted formulas and incorporating them into a comprehensive fertility plan that can potentially enhance your chances at a successful conception. Experts of Chinese medicine have developed these formulas for centuries to treat a wide range of fertility-related problems. Such problems include irregular cycles, amenorrhea, luteal phase defects, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and endometriosis

That said, these formulas and herbs are not just elements of historical medical practices. They continue to be used in the modern-day to help men and women worldwide in their efforts to start families through natural, holistic means. They work by combining the effects of their individual herbal component to target a range of particular factors. These factors typically include progesterone production and its regulation with estrogen, offsetting the impact of stress caused by hormonal changes, promoting adequate blood circulation, relieving inflammation, and more. 

Many formulas will also include herbs that are not necessarily geared towards increasing fertility but provide additional benefits like reducing fatigue by boosting energy and metabolism, supporting effective digestion, and addressing insulin resistance. These elements can help improve the overall health and well-being of those who use the supplements regularly and provide added benefits for those looking to enhance their fertility.

However, please keep in mind that herbs and herbal formulas tend to provide cumulative effects over time, and many herbs are also cycle-dependent. Meaning that it may take an extended period of using your chosen formula to help increase your fertility. The key is to be consistent in taking the formula and remain patient as it begins to take effect in your body.

The Best Chinese Herbs to Help Promote Fertility

Many types of herbal formulas can now be purchased in supplement capsules from a wide range of sources. However, some will be of higher quality than others, so it’s essential to do your research to select the brand that will be most effective for you. If you choose to start utilizing Chinese herbal supplements to enhance your fertility, then you’ll likely find that they contain at least a few of the following herbs:

Rougui (Cinnamon)

While rougui, otherwise known as cinnamon, is most commonly used to add flavor to foods and beverages, it’s also been used in Chinese medicine for ages. Additionally, new preliminary research has indicated that it may be helpful in jump-starting menstrual cycles of women affected by PCOS. PCOS is a common infertility disorder that affects between 6% and 12% of women in the United States, resulting in irregular periods and other issues. With the development of more regular, more easily traceable menstrual cycles, women can increase their chances of successful conception. In addition to that, because cinnamon is a warming spice that can increase blood flow, it may also help to improve the sperm count and sperm motility of men by supporting improved blood circulation to the pelvis.

Bai Ji Li (Tribulus Terrestris)

Due to research conducted by scientists on both animals and humans, bai ji li, or Tribulus Terrestris, has recently become a widely popular herb for treating issues with infertility and low libido levels. It’s beneficial particularly for men and women who experience problems related to endocrine disorders. Both types of studies indicated that Tribulus enhanced the sperm production and viability of male test subjects and specimens while enhancing overall fertility. Treatments with Tribulus also lead to notable extensions in periods of sexual activity, along with increased libido and testosterone levels. Tribulus is considered both an aphrodisiac and an estrogen and androgen modulator that can restore sexual vitality.

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Vitex (Chaste Tree Berry)

Vitex agnus-castus, also more commonly known as chaste tree berry, has shown promise in potentially reducing some of the symptoms related to both premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause. Additionally, it may potentially improve female fertility due to its effects on the body’s prolactin levels. This could make it especially beneficial for women experiencing a luteal phase defect- or a shortened second half of their menstrual cycle. Generally, women with this defect experience abnormally high prolactin levels, impacting their cycles in a way that negatively impacts their ability to become pregnant. In multiple studies, women who were given vitex experienced lower prolactin levels, prolonged menstrual phases, and higher instances of pregnancy.

Ren Shen (Ginseng)

Ren Shen, or ginseng, is a common herb utilized in traditional Chinese medicine and has been shown in scientific research to help enhance overall sexual performance while also improving male fertility. These results are likely due to its ability to modulate the hormonal and neuronal systems while promoting spermatogenesis and acting directly on sperm through steroid receptors. Evidence also suggests that ginseng may be able to help preserve overall male fertility during specific disease states.

Huang Qi (Astragalus)

Huang Qi, also referred to as astragalus, is an adaptogen that’s been used as a medicinal herb for various conditions and diseases for centuries in China. Data collected as part of a research study back in 2016 has indicated that astragalus may also have the potential to improve overall sperm parameters, making it an effective treatment for males experiencing spermatogenesis-related infertility. Additional studies on the herb’s effects and its relation to improving male fertility have been recommended. Further research could help scientists significantly broaden the therapeutic categories meant to treat male infertility.

Do you struggle with the problematic effects of fertility issues and are looking for ways to overcome them? Consider contacting the trusted medical professionals at Original Breath today to learn more about their range of services and what they can do to help.

Dang Gui (Angelica Root)

More commonly referred to as Angelica root, Dang Gui is a popular herb in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s used as a female reproductive tonic, menstrual regulator, and treatment for various gynecological complaints. In one scientific trial involving female infertility due to tubal occlusion, angelica root extract was administered to test subjects for nine months through vaginal douching. During that time, 80% of the test subjects regained tubal patency, and more than half (53%) became successfully impregnated by their partners.

Shan Yao (Dioscorea Japonica)

Shan Yao, otherwise known as Dioscorea japonica or wild yam, has been traditionally used for several uterine and ovarian conditions over the centuries, along with infertility. It is typically employed to help optimize the body’s estrogen levels while improving the quantity and quality of cervical mucus. This has the potential to help soothe the effects of oviductal or fallopian spasms, which can interfere with the conception and implantation of fertilized eggs. That said, additional research needs to be conducted to more fully understand its effects. Please keep in mind that there are also many misconceptions about the wild yam’s abilities, such as that it can serve as a precursor for human sex hormones, like estrogen. 

Chinese Maca (Lepidium Meyenii)

Though maca originated in the high Andes of Peru and has been historically utilized in Peruvian medicine, it has begun to make a significant impact in Chinese herbal medicine due to the success shown in scientific research for its ability to help enhance male and female libido. It has also demonstrated the possibility of increasing the overall fertility in men after twelve weeks of consumption. Results show that the test subjects experienced a notable improvement in the concentration of their semen, though the shape, size, volume, and motility of their sperm experienced no significant changes.

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Bai Shao (White Peony Root)

The white peony root, or bai shao, is a commonly used element in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine to treat a range of female gynecological conditions. These conditions include infertility due to endometriosis, PCOS, hyperprolactinemia, excessive androgen levels, and ovarian failure. Scientific evidence has been discovered showing that white peony root can positively influence low progesterone levels, reduce androgen (testosterone) levels, and modulate both prolactin and estrogen levels. Additionally, it has been shown to positively affect ovarian follicles through its actions on the aromatase enzyme, which is exceedingly essential for ovulation and follicular maturation.

An Extra Tip For Natural Fertility Success: Chen Pi (Citrus Peel)

If you’re looking to help enhance your chances of fertility success through natural means, then Chen pi, citrus peel, or just citrus fruits can be an excellent place for you to start. While citrus fruits and peels are not herbs, they are a common component of traditional Chinese medicine. We thought it was important to include them somewhere in this article for the extreme benefits they can provide for women looking to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Not only are citrus fruits highly healthy for you thanks to being one of the best possible sources of vitamin C, but they also contain a range of other beneficial elements, such as calcium, potassium, and, most importantly, folate. 

Folate (or folic acid, a synthetic form of folate) is not only an essential substance for women to take during pregnancy, but it’s also a fantastic option for women trying to get pregnant as well. Before conception, folate supplements and the consumption of natural folate sources- like citrus fruits and peels- have a high association with a greater chance of becoming pregnant. It has also been linked to the higher overall success of fertility treatments and reduced risks for neural tube defects in infants developing in utero.

The Bottom Line: Are Chinese Herbs Right for Your Efforts at Increasing Fertility?

Suppose you’re searching for an easy, inexpensive, and natural way to help increase your chances of fertility success. In that case, a specialized formula containing a range of helpful Chinese herbs may be what you need to consider adding to your regular routine. The practice of traditional Chinese medicine has utilized these various formulas to help women for centuries, and there’s no reason that they can’t also help you in your efforts to start a family of your own. 

If you’d like more information about the various impacts that Chinese herbs can have on your health or would like to learn about other ways to increase your fertility, please consider exploring the wide range of specialized products and effective services provided by Original Breath today. Their shop contains a selection of four unique supplements that can help enhance your fertility and libido while also helping improve issues related to low testosterone and erectile dysfunction, along with a wide range of other potential benefits. These supplements include Balance Spring, Vital Essence, Zinlori, and CoQ10 ST®-100, which can be purchased directly from Original Breath’s specialized online store.

Are you experiencing fertility issues that are standing in the way of starting a family and getting on with a happy, healthy, and prosperous life? Consider contacting the trusted industry professionals at Original Breath today to learn about their range of specialized services and what they can do for you.

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